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School of Music Piano Pedagogy Lab School

Welcome to the WSU School of Music Piano Pedagogy Lab School. I am pleased to coordinate the school, and hope all of you are excited about another year of piano playing!

Policy Statement


The PPLS offers private lessons from September through April, arranged into a fall and a spring semester. Each semester comprises 15 weekly lessons and 1 final recital, where students will share the result of their hard work with their friends and family.

We ask students and their families to commit to at least one semester of piano lessons. Although we understand that sometimes other plans may occur, discontinuous lessons are counterproductive, and we know that students learn better when their lessons happen regularly. As our teachers commit to our schedule, we appreciate you doing so.

Fees for Private Lessons

WSU Piano Professors: (Dr. Menchetti and Dr. Roh)

30 min. lessons = $ 487.50 per semester
45 min. lessons = $ 731.25 per semester
60 min. lessons = $ 975.00 per semester

WSU Staff Pianist: (Mayalisa Bordenkircher)

30 min. lessons = $ 300.00 per semester
45 min. lessons = $ 450.00 per semester
60 min. lessons = $ 600.00 per semester

Undergraduate Student Teachers:

30 min. lessons = $ 247.50 per semester
45 min. lessons = $ 371.25 per semester
60 min. lessons = $ 495.00 per semester


When students register at the beginning of the year, they are charged for the whole semester (15 lessons), but they can pay in three monthly installments. The installments do not reflect the exact number of lessons taken in a specific month, but a group of five lessons. The final recital does not count as a lesson, and it is free of charge!

Payments are due as it follows:

Fall Semester:
1st installment by August 28
2nd installment by September 25
3rd installment by October 30

Spring Semester:
1st installment by January 8
2nd installment by February 5
3rd installment by March 4

We are currently accepting payments by check.

Make checks payable to:  WSU – School of Music

You can either
1) mail your check (and address the mailing to: School of Music/WSU, Attn: Kristine Tims, PO BOX 645300, Pullman, WA 99164-5300)
2) put your check in the PPLS payment drop box, located in Kimbrough Music Building (second floor, next to 260)

Please note that one missed payment will result in automatic termination of the lessons. Music books must be purchased separately by the parent or student. Your teacher will have recommendations and instructions regarding purchasing printed music materials.

Practice Expectations

Students enrolled in 30-minute lessons are expected to practice a minimum of 20 minutes each day. 45-minute lessons require a minimum of 40 minutes practice each day. Students who wish to excel should allow for more practice time. Daily practice will help the student accomplish his/her musical goals, which will lead to greater self-esteem and the enhancement of learning abilities. If you have any questions concerning your student’s practice habits, please contact your student’s teacher or refer to the PPLS Practice Tips website for tips.


Student practicing piano

Student practicing piano